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Picky Oats on Kickstarter

September 15, 2017

Picky Oats on Kickstarter


Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who backed, supported, or shared our Kickstarter - Because of you Picky Oats will be a reality this fall!

A few FAQs that've come up:

Can I still pledge even though you've met your goal?

Definitely! Meeting our goal means the project is officially live and will be funded, so you can think of any pledges now being more of a pre-order than an investment. Whatever reward level you choose (some of that merch is Kickstarter exclusive, p.s.) you'll be one of the first to get the real deal Picky Oats this fall. PICKY OATS KICKSTARTER

When can I get that delicious oatmeal goodness in my life (and stomach)?

We anticipate having product in house, ready to ship before the holidays. Things happen of course, but as of now, you can expect your morning oatmeal routine to get an upgrade just as the weather's turning.

Help! I can't find any nutrition info?

We've got your back-of-the-package light nutrition reading info here: PICKY OATS NUTRITION INFO

You're an established company, why do you need a Kickstarter?

We’re still 100% founder owned and operate without any outside investment. Unlike launching a new flavor of Picky Bars, Picky Oats involves a ton of money out of the gate, like product development, ingredient and packaging costs, new manufacturing, as well as the tricky aspect of forecasting sales and stocking product before it's sold. As a small company without a ton of cash flexibility, it can be tough to fund projects that involve that amount of extensive capital up front. Plus we love an excuse to design a new trucker hat...

Check out Picky Oats on Kickstarter


Truck Yeah! Trucker Hat, Between the Lines Baseball T-Shrit, Race Day Kit Drawstring Cinch Bag. Check out all the merch and backer rewards.