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Feed the Dream - The Big Break

March 08, 2018

Feed the Dream - The Big Break

Just like, uh, well, everything, our annual programs here are always evolving. Feed the Dream began three years ago when an excessive dose of Olympic spirit spilled all over the conference table during a marketing meeting. We fed nearly 100 Team USA hopefuls during the peak months of their training that year, and struggled to bite our tongues during the Rule 40 blackout while 16 of them competed in Rio. Last year we shrunk the roster but upped the ante, providing 20 triathletes with food, training tips from Jesse & Lieto, access to Jasyoga’s video library, and race weekend support at both 70.3 and 140.6 World Championships.

This year we’re getting even more intimate, involved, and invested.

  • We’re opening the net to cast athletes of any sport. The only requirement be that they compete as an elite or pro, but receive less than 50% of their fixed income from the sport. Semi-pro, but less Flint Tropics Will Ferrell and more NYC Marathon Allie Kieffer.
  • We’re lengthening the duration of the program. No matter when, where, or what the key event is, athletes will have our support through the end of 2018.
  • We’re upping the bennies, AGAIN. Along with monthly deliveries of Picky Bars and Picky Oats, they’ll stay aligned and reset with Jasyoga’s full library of online yoga videos, consulting, and new Work In book, and will receive mentorship from Jesse Thomas and Lauren Fleshman on navigating the nuances of professional athletics.
  • We're adding a Competition Costs Stipend. Whether it's travel, entry fees, pre-race massage, or a gear tune-up, they'll receive a cash stipend of at least $250 to help off-set some of the costs of getting to their big day feeling their best.

The Competition Costs Stipend will be funded by sales of our NEW Feed the Dream T-shirts, so if you’d like to help a brother or sister out (or just need a new t-shirt) pick one up. $15 from every shirt sold will go directly to the athletes

Feed the Dream T-shirt

Feed the Dream T-shirt [$25]

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! Fill out the application below to tell us why we should feed your dream. We’ll select three athletes based on need, merit, and likeability. Pro tip: We’re looking for fan’able personalities more than podium presence. Bonus points if your main competition is somewhere SICK just in case we convince the heads to let us fan you in person. (jk) ((sorta))

Apply for Feed The Dream 2018

Applications close March 16th at midnight. Winners will be contacted and announced by March 30th.

Official rules, Ts, and Cs