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Lifepoints Adventure Guides: Seattle, WA

April 30, 2019

Lifepoints Adventure Guides: Seattle, WA

A new week, a new place to explore thanks to our adventurous friends and extended 'family'! Lifepoints Adventure Guides feature some of our favorite ways to be outside and the hidden gems in our backyards - because we know that the best way to see a new place is with the help of a local. A quick hit of the favorite trails, secret spots*, and refueling venues that need to be “must-sees” for your visit. 

The weekly tour will wrap with a fun spin on our past Adventure Grants where one lucky winner will get to live out one of the city guides in person!

Our final stop is a place holding some treasured memories and formidable years for HQ's own Mel Lawrence. She's our customer "happiness maker" and a professional runner currently crushing everything from 3k steeple to road races, but before that she was a proud Husky for the UW track and cross country teams. She's run a lot of miles in the Seattle area, and we'll take her trail (and refuel spot) recommendations anytime.

* To protect their identity, we've omitted some our most secret hidden gems.
You'll have to track us down in person for that beta...

Mel Lawrence Picky Bars

Mel Lawrence crushing denim dan day and USATF Nationals 



Your Local Tour Guide: Mel Lawrence, Pro runner + Picky customer service gal

If you’ve never been to Seattle, you’re either thinking of “Sleepless in Seattle” or you think of rain. Lots of it. If you have been to Seattle, you know what an amazing city it is. But if you don’t, keep reading. Also known as the Emerald City, Seattle is a bustling city filling your city loving heart and your outdoor loving heart at the same time with plenty of great food to fuel your adventure of choice.





Discovery Park (11 miles, moderate, map)

You’re going to have to work for the views, but it’s worth it, I promise. Moderate 3 mile loop takes your uphill from the parking lots to the views, and back down. Need more mileage though? You can weave in out and of the trail network covering about 11 miles! 

Adventure Guide Seattle Discovery Park



 Green Lake (3 miles, easy, map)

Easy to get to and easy to get moving. Choose the paved path (inside loop) or the dirt path (outside loop), and you have an easy, flat, smooth 3 miles ahead of you.



Rattlesnake Ridge (4 miles, difficult, map)

If you’re really looking to feel the burn and get out of the city. 4 mile loop that gains about 1,100 feet. The views are rewarding at the top, and if you don’t feel like 4 miles was enough, you can keep going!

Pro tip: Also great for a hike! 



Seward Park (2.5 mile loop +, easy, map)

A flat, paved path on the outside to soak in the views, but take a quick dip into the trees and you’ll find endless trails rolling up and across the middle of the park. Great to explore and get lost (but also easy to find your way again).

Pro tip: Looking for mileage? You can run right along Lake Washington for miles and miles and miles. 

Adventure Guide Seattle Seward Park



Lake Washington (map)

The best part of this, is you can do it from so many different spots in Seattle. The possibilities are endless.





GET A DRINK IN YOUR SPANDEX (or your fancies)

Fremont Brewing

Located right off the Burke Gilman trail, this place has a great beer garden to hang out post ride or run. It’s bring your own food style though, so a little planning ahead is required for a picnic.



⭑ Portage Bay

Starting with just one in Seattle, you can now choose to visit any of their four locations. The food is not only amazing, but it’s local, organic and sustainable. The portion sizes are quite big, and with the slogan “eat like you give a damn,” you won’t leave here hungry.

Pro tip: Go with someone who likes to share. That way you can do a sweet dish (with a visit to the fruit bat) and a savory dish.



⭑ Agua Verde Cafe + Paddle Club

This is a tough place to beat on a nice day. Located right on the water of Portage Bay, waiting for a table on the deck will be worth it.

Pro tip: If you have some time to kill, rent some of their paddle boards. 

Adventure Guide Seattle Agua Verde

 pic from Agua Verde's Facebook


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