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Molly Seidel on Ali on the Run Live!

September 03, 2021


Molly Seidel, Olympic Bronze Medalist, on Ali on the Run Show Live

After winning bronze in the Olympic Marathon she told her family via the NBC broadcast to "drink a beer for [her]" -- How about having a beer WITH her*!? Picky Team athlete Molly Seidel joins Ali Feller of the Ali on the Run Show to talk all things Olympics, training, and what's in store going forward. She spills the tea on some spice from the race course (who's throwing 'bows?!), her current runner crush, and what her alter egos Drunk Molly and Molly the Shark are like. Spoiler: We'll go for a late night run with one of them anytime.

*(beer not required to participate 🙃)

Content Warning: Some adult language and discussions about alcohol, as well as a lot of talk that might make you want to lace up your shoes and go for a run ASAP.

Picky Team Athlete: Molly Seidel

@bygolly.molly  |   Strava   |   Athlete Page

After years of being a Picky Club member, Molly joined our team as a sponsored athlete in 2020. Her story involves lots of ups-and-downs involving eating disorder recovery, gnarly injuries and surgeries, living with OCD, and deciding to keep doing what she loves (running) when the cards seemed to be stacking against her. It's an inspiring journey that she brings everyone along on with humor, wit, and a good beer now and then! We're stoked to be on this ride with her.

🥉 Olympic Marathon Bronze Medalist
🍺 Beer lover (@athleticbrewing)
🦃 World's Fastest Turkey

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