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Quick Takes: 5 Qs with Emily Kachorek

June 15, 2016

emily kachorek river crossing

This might be considered tooting our own horn, but we have some of the most inspiring, bada$$, funny, eloquent, and all-around-awesome athletes as part of our sponsored athlete programs. Lucky us! Between the Picky Team and Feed the Dream, there are endless stories to share and personalities to get to know. We’ve deemed it our civic duty to let you get to know these rockstars, five questions at a time.

Up first, one of our newer Picky Team’ers, cyclocross racer and Squid Bikes mastermind, Emily Kachorek!

Emily Kachorek Cyclocross Squid Bikes Picky Team

The face of and behind the brand – Emily races for and founded Squid Bikes

5 Qs with Emily

Birthday: Jan, 2 1980. Worst birthdate EVER. Think about it. Everyone always forgets, just started their New Years resolutions (ie. no cake, eating out, etc.), totally done partying at the end of the holiday run, and I always had to start back to school as a kid. Worst birthdate EVER.

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: Suck it up buttercup.

Favorite Place in the US: On the beach around a campfire in my hometown of Encinitas, CA.

Spirit animal: SQUID!

Describe how riding a bike makes you feel in 5 words: 

  • free
  • adventurous
  • happy
  • alive
  • challenged
Lindsey Voreis and Emily Kachorek Picky Bars

Goofing off with fellow Picky Team rider, Lindsey Voreis

Anthony Clark Emily Kachorek Picky Bars Neck Tats

Picky Team initiation – Anthony Clark and Emily sign on the dotted (neck) line

Bonus! Emily is currently in Bend to race Blitz to the Barrel, a ridiculously fun mountain bike race with things like a big air jump, radar gun, and a beer to chug before you finish. Pro field is DEEP – follow along with #theblitz2016 starting Thursday at 5pm PST.

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