Jesse Thomas on His Wildflower Six-peat

May 05, 2016

jesse thomas wildflower bike kaori photo

6 Words on… five questions… About the 6-Peat

aka CEO Jesse Thomas’s thoughts on winning Wildflower Triathlon for the sixth time in a row.

a-aka We would’ve asked a sixth question but that would’ve been too predictable and he’s a busy guy so we cut him a little slack.

jesse thomas wildflower triathlon 2016 PC Kaori Photo

In six words, describe your feelings about Wildflower 2016:

Stoked, solid, thankful, little bit relieved

This year’s pro field was pretty stacked. Six words on the competition?

Fast, tough, Kiwi, Terenzo, hurt lots

You made your debut at Wildflower in 2011 kind of on a whim. Other than winning every year, what is it about the race you love so much?

Trails, people, essence, core of triathlon

Wildflower actually hasn’t been your main focus this season. How are you feeling about Ironman Lanzarote (May 21st), your goal race?

Prepared, nervous, excited, a little naive

Since you’ll be in Spain racing 140.6 at Lanzarote you won’t be in Bend to defend your Pole Pedal Paddle title. What do you think the chances are that our Finance Dude, Matt Briggs (who finished 3rd last year), can keep the title in house and take the W?

100% or fired, simple. Kidding (kinda)

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