Quick Takes: 5 Qs with Rob Krar

June 21, 2016

rob krar mtb

In the fable of the Giant Rob Krar, he’s a larger-than-life with a buttery-smooth gait, presidential beard, and a warm personality that has you believing you’ve been lifelong friends the moment you meet him. He bounds rocky terrain without breaking stride, ascends mountains as if they were highway overpasses, and traverses unfathomable distances faster than any other being around. He’s a legend among mortals, living in his Flagstaff lair, quietly awaiting his next challenger.

This is the least exaggerated fable of all time.

Real-life Rob is a top-notch human, in his running shoes and out of them. Here’s a quick snippet for you to get to know him.

5 Qs with Krar

Nickname: None, although I saw the Krarbarian pop up somewhere last year which I found rather humorous. Also, my beard has grown a life of it’s own. @robkrarsbeard is approaching 2000 Twitter followers and despite numerous guesses I have no idea who the man (or woman) is behind my “ultra ego” handle.

Do you believe in astrology? Negative ghost rider.

Aliens? Of course.

Who’s your biggest supporter? My better half I met in the Colorado mountains in 2009. It’s simple—I wouldn’t be writing this today if the fortunate series of events that led to our meeting never happened.

Anything else you want the people to know? I’m shy when talking about my running prowess but with cornhole it’s no holds barred. I can throw a beanbag with the best of them and am the dark horse of any backyard BBQ. Cornhole is my game—I may be Canadian but I went to school in the Midwest and they don’t mess around there. It’s a serious sport, not some casual backyard entertainment. I challenge anyone to a SERIOUS game.

More fun stuff from Rob:

The Strawberry Days of Summer

This cook-less strawberry pie (the crust is made of Blueberry Boomdizzle!) from Rob’s wife Christina looks insanely awesome and perfect for summer.

rob krar strawberry pie

Rob Krar Picky Bar Need for SeedKrar’s Bar:Need for Seed

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