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Retired Life with Andrew Wheating

January 12, 2018

Retired Life with Andrew Wheating

A 6'5" tidal wave washed over the track and field world last week when mid-distance fan favorite Andrew Wheating swung wide and kicked it in one last time, announcing his retirement from professional running. Andrew was part of our debut Picky Team roster, and has held down the role of Ah, Fudge Nuts! wrapper model and unofficial Picky Bars videographer since then as well. A stand-up human (this is not a height joke) on and off the track, we're #TeamWheating forever.

We caught up with him for a glimpse into retiree life just before he jetted off to Florida to find his new retirement home. Hopefully he finds a nice one with a par 3 nearby...

signature kick is now signature kicked-back

Picky Bars: Alright, the buzz is starting to die down a bit and you've probably started settling into retired life by now - What’s replaced all the hours you’d usually spend prepping for, recovering from, and actually running workouts?

Andrew Wheating: Video! As most people know I enjoy making some fun wacky videos so I've now made that some what a full time gig. Both helping create for friends and companies while also creating for myself. We've got some fun ideas in the works that might shake up the track and field world, it's been an absolute blast!

[Wheating's Picky Bars videos]

PB: Now that the pro runner protective bubble wrap has been removed, what previously prohibited activity are you most excited to do?


PB: That's what we thought... Can you describe what your snow dance looks like? (And can we direct some of it to Central Oregon??)

AW: Well... Imagine the hokey pokey on one half of my body while the other half is flipping imaginary omelets and trying to stomp out a fire.

PB: That is... very visual. Ok back on track - badum-tssss - Who was it toughest to tell about your decision to retire?

AW: Probably the fans that followed me the closest. I received so much support and love but a lot of people said they were going to miss seeing me race. Hopefully I can provide the same entertainment I did on the track through video. 

PB: Entertaining for sure. Of all those races, what's your most fond on-track memory from your pro career?

AW: Winning the Portland Track Festival 1500. Standing at the finish, among friends, with a 22oz beer as a prize, with my training really starting to get going, it was one of those "oh yea, this is why I love this sport" moments.

PB: Most fond off-track?

AW: Stumbling out of Picky Bars HQ with half my face shaven, a red feather boa around my neck, a hulk fist on my hand, and a styrofoam panda head on at 11 o'clock in the morning was a pretty cool memory. 

An explanation, kind of

PB: Realistically, what do you see yourself doing in your new second life?

AW: Creating. I'm a man of colors and vision and I would love to put that to work somewhere. 

PB: How about unrealistically? What would your far-shot, craziest-thing-you-can-imagine dream second life look like?

AW: First man to mars. But I'll settle for a trip around Uranus.

PB: What are three lessons, traits, or qualities from running that you’ll carry with you into “civilian life”?

AW: "It's in the details" - With everything you do there is always a chance to cut corners, but it's the little extra things that you do that make for a quality product.

"Don't half ass anything, whole ass everything" - Similar to the above, if you're going to take on a project/task, do it to it's fullest. Don't half ass something just to get it done. Do it and do it right, people notice those things.

"Have fun!" - Love what you're doing, and do what you love, that's how you have fun!

PB: Lastly, who would play you in the Andrew Wheating biopic?

AW: Ryan Reynolds... But something about asking him to wear puka shells makes me wonder if he would take on the role.


You can follow Andrew on all social channels as @AndrewWheating (IG, Twitter, FB) to keep up on whatever creative shenanigans and early-bird dinner specials he gets into in retired life. Congrats again, big guy!

"The Andrew Wheating bar"

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