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The Big Freaking Sale + Donation Days!

November 20, 2017

The Big Freaking Sale + Donation Days!

Oh it’s that time again - The stiff and stuffy air of summer takes a crisp turn, our brown trails shine with a layer of frostbite, and Noah has to rearrange his shipping area to accommodate a whole bunch of new merch.

It’s BFS time!

It’s been tradition - as it is with literally every other merchant in the nation - to go wild this time of year. New goods, huge discounts... it’s the Biggest Freaking Sale of the year, and named as such.

(Plus we just couldn’t bring ourselves to call something a “Black Friday Sale” when it starts before and ends after that specific day.)

But more than the STUFF we're excited to announce this year's head-to-head Donation Days competition! Last year's "bar for bar" day was a big success but had us wondering how to one-up it this year. (We are an office full of athletes, after all...) 

This year we're putting our time on the line and donating community service for sales in a little

Give-Back Showdown


Each team will pledge one hour of community service for every $100 sold on their respective days - Sales + Ops on Tuesday and Marketing + Customer Service on Wednesday. So if you want to see Jesse and his team team get their hands dirty, shop on Tuesday. Lauren and hers? Wednesday's your day to shop.

We're ready to work, and everyone wins. Lay it on us.

So hop on over and check out the newness, snag that hat you've been eyeing, or stock up on bars at the lowest price of the year. Holiday shopping or shopping for your own dang self, now's the time to get in there.


And if you’re wondering where Picky Oats are, we're not hiding them from you - we don’t have them yet. Womp womp. There’s an update on their status here.