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This Oatmeal Train Has Left the Station

November 22, 2017

This Oatmeal Train Has Left the Station




After what felt like seventy billion hoops to jump through and a massive packing party, all of our Kickstarter backer rewards went out last week. Woohoo!! We've loved seeing your reactions over the last few days, and while we really thought we had a winner on our hands it's always great when others think your new baby is as cute and delicious* as you think it is.

*non-cannibalistic proverbial baby deliciousness, obviously


After delays with packaging, organic certifications, and a ton of debate around all of it, we're super proud of the final product - a completely organic, free of all the stuff we're picky about, delicious and nutrition oatmeal that busy people can count on every morning. As for the packaging, the more grown up design and earth tone color scheme suits the product perfectly (well done, Kelli!) As for that glossy film though... Well let's just say the stuff you see on shelves and online next month will look and feel a lot more natural.

Long story short, no matter how perfectly aligned your ducks are, something(s) is(are) bound to come out of nowhere and trip them all up headfirst into the pond. We had to do a little extra swimming to get it all going, but hey, at least the bonus pool time is bound to help Jesse's swim legs next tri season!

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new product whirlwind, whether you backed the Kickstarter in September, you're a Club member waiting to try a different flavor than you sampled, or you've just been waiting to get your hands on some. We're so stoked to finally have this first batch out into breakfast bowls and bellies, and can't wait for the full release next month. Look for Picky Oats online and in select retailers starting mid-January!

If you've had a taste of Picky Oats, let us know what you think! Taste, serving size, look/feel, dog-approval rating, what have you. We want to hear it all!

Signing off for now and straight into a bowl of Game, Set, Matcha...

- The Picky Crew

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