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The Picky Team is Growing!

January 30, 2016

picky team atheltes ben stookesberry anthony clark anthony ervin ben herndon gerd serrasolses emily kachorek

When we started our sponsored athlete program last spring the goal was clear – offer support (in food and fun) to athletes we enjoyed following. Period. The bars were created by Lauren and Steph (professional runners) to fulfill Jesse’s (aspiring triathlete, at the time) training needs for easy-to-carry and easy-to-digest, quick and lasting fuel for big workouts, and it only made sense as we grew to offer that same support to other hard-working, hungry people.

We got WAY lucky with a group of 15 awesome individuals doing incredible things, and long story short, creating the Picky Team was maybe the best thing we’ve ever done. In 2016 we set to to expand our support and continue adding athletes who not only embodied the Picky lifestyle (lifepoints spokespeople, in a way) but who we were stoked to join their camp.


Anthony Clark Picky Bars Athlete

Anthony Clark, Cyclocross

Long hair, tattoos, and a wild twitter feed characterize this pro cyclocross rider (Squid Bikes), but it’s his energetic personality and “ride till your eyes bleed” approach that really make him stand out to us. After a pretty rough youth, Anthony turned his focus to the bike to be a better father to his new son Gavy, and in turn, one of the top men in the CX circuit. (He’s in Belgium racing worlds this weekend!)

Anthony Ervin Picky Bars Swimmer

Anthony Ervin, Swimmer

Everybody loves a good comeback story, no? Ervin made his Olympic debut in 2000 at the ripe age of 19, where he tied his teammate for gold in his signature event (50m free) and was part of the historical 4x100m relay team that came in a close second to Australia (USA Men’s first loss at the event in Olympic history.) Twelve years later her made his second Olympic team, and this year he’s hoping to do it again.

ben herndon photographer picky team

Ben Herndon, Adventure Photographer

After thinking “How did they do that?!” have you ever thought, “Wait, how did someone capture this???” Ben and his camera go on all the ski, climb, paddling adventures along with his subjects, and makes it his job to snap those incredible shots. He was named one of the top Climbing Photographers Under 30 and says he’s never left a lens cap in his chalk bag, but we’re unconvinced.


Ben Stookesberry, Expedition Kayaker

Known for going places no one has gone before, Ben is The Guy when it comes to exploring new waters. Solo runs or teaming up with fellow badasses to put routes on the map, often requiring rigorous portages (getting out of the water and hiking with your kayak) and helicopter drops. He and fellow Picky Team kayaker Ben Marr were nominated for National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year with Chris Korbulik and Pedro Oliva for their first descent of the Beriman River, which will be announced this February.

Emily Kachorek Picky Bars Athlete

Emily Kachorek, Cyclocross + Squid Bikes Owner

When it comes to walking the walk and talking the talk, Emily is it. Her loud jerseys and custom bikes match her big personality and love for the sport. After quitting her job as a biologist to pursue full time CX racing, Emily took her endless energy to creating Squid Bikes, which she ‘rattlecan’ custom paints a lot of herself.

Gerd Serrasolses

Gerd Serrasolses, Whitewater Kayaker

The story goes that the marketing department was so keen on Gerd that they drove a package of undeliverable bars all the way from Bend to British Columbia just to get them into this world-traveling, hard-to-reach kayaker’s hands/boat. He’s a fun guy to watch in the water, which he makes easy with a ton of great videos he produces with his brother, Aniol.