Yoga for Road Trip’ing from Jasyoga

August 03, 2015

We’re heading to the Outdoor Retailer Show! Anna and Sarah are packed into the Subaru with our new hand-crafted booth and a butt-ton of Picky Bars to share with shop owners and buyers from all over the country. It’s a long 10 hour drive from Bend to Salt Lake City though, so we asked our friends at Jasyoga for some roadtrip yoga they could do to keep limber and fresh. #hitreset, as they say!

Here are some of their favorite passenger seat moves you can use the next time you’re cooped up on the open road. 

Heyyo roadtrippers!

Hopefully you’re en route somewhere awesome to score some #lifepoints. But, keep in mind that it’ll be a whole lot more awesome if you don’t feel like crap when you get there. Your bod isn’t designed for prolonged sitting, so spend a few minutes every hour or so mitigating floppy seated posture and easing key areas of stiffness.

Here are four of our fave ways to #hitreset — use yoga to sustain balance — on those long drives…

Eagle Arms

Your upper back muscles aren’t just sore — they’re overstretched from hunching forward while sitting. Lift your elbows up, relax your neck, and hold for 5+ deep breaths.

Eagle Arms

Booty Lock Mitigation

Enough said.

Booty Lock Mitigation

Calf Pump

Your calves are super dense and prone to fluid build-up, so if you’re sitting for hours, don’t be surprised if they feel super tight. Get out yo ride and pump those babies: Stand on your bumper or doorway (okay, a curb will work too) and lift/lower 10+ times.

Calf Pump


Legs Up the Seat

This will help recirculate the blood in your legs, unstiffen your low back, and more. It’s basically like magic for your muscles and a road tripper’s best friend. Hold for as long as you want and do it as often as possible.

Legs up the Seat

For more ways to #hitreset on the go, hit up Jasyoga Video at