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All Aboard the Steph Bruce Trials Train!

February 25, 2020

All Aboard the Steph Bruce Trials Train!

If you haven't yet, it's time to jump on the full-steam-ahead Steph hype train! Our fearless co-founder is racing 26.2 miles in Atlanta on Saturday for a shot at the Olympic Marathon team! We caught up with the busy runner, mom of two, professional coach, and holder of the fifth fastest qualifying time in the field before she headed east to settle into race week. Get a look at what her build up has been like, how she's feeling, and what's on the menu for her post-race meal.

Want to follow along? NBC will have live coverage of the men's and women's Olympic Marathon Trials starting at noon EST. Marathon Olympic Trials Broadcast Schedule.

In Bend and want to watch/go crazy with the HQ crew? We'll be posted up at Megaphone Coffee on Galveston all morning. They've got all the types of beverages you might want/need for virtual spectating, we'll have some snacks. Join us!

Picky:  Generalities first. It’s less than a week out from race day - How are you feeling?!

Steph:  The question of the hour! Haha I have been asked this over a million times this week so now I say “stop asking!” In all seriousness just trying to take care of the last minute details and get to race day. Keeping calm and in my routine.

* pause to shamefully bury our heads in a vat of Drizzle for asking such an overdone, basic question *

P:  Ok ok, how about this - How has this training block differed from others, if at all?

S:  It was more demanding, more tiring, and more fun that most of my other build ups. I had my teammates Kellyn and Aliphine almost every step of the way. We trained on hillier courses and let go of splits during this cycle with the nature of the Atlanta course. 

P:  What do the days leading up to the race look like? Physically? Mentally?

S:  Each marathon looks a little different depending on where it’s located, what your [media] appearances might look like, whether my kids are traveling with me, and so on. Usually I’m packing for myself, for the kids, or getting the house ready if we have a sitter coming to stay with the boys. Ben helps me make a checklist of everything I need to bring from racing flats to uniform to food. I’m usually doing some interview requests and trying to stay healthy, keep my routine going. I sometimes binge on a good show or series of movies, like currently I’m watching all the Harry Potters.

* any Sorting Hat experts out there? we get determined, ambitious, get-sh*t-done Slytherin vibes from Steph *

P: Was there a specific workout from this cycle that really sticks out as special or especially painful/beneficial?

S:  15 x a mile with 1 min rest. We have done this workout many times before but never 15. We ran this session at lower elevation around 3300 ft so I felt I could breathe more and recover better than our sessions in Flagstaff. I think we averaged around 5:27 for the mile reps which in the context of the high mileage week was a good indicator of how strong we were.

P:  Ok, let's pretend we’re on a red carpet for a second. What will you be wearing on race day?

S: Oh hi red carpet! I’ll have a blue and white HOKA uniform with white Grit compression socks, and blue and white new HOKA flats.

P:  Lastly, because it's almost lunch time, what’s on the menu for your post-race meal?

S:  Adult beverages :) and some good food of course, maybe burger, gluten free fries if I can find them.

* who's got the Atlanta food scene beta to get this gal some post-marathon GF french fries?! hit her up on Twitter @steph_rothstein or IG @stephrothstein *


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