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Introducing: Stay-at-Home Stanley

April 01, 2020

Introducing: Stay-at-Home Stanley

Watch Stay-at-Home Stanley in action on our IG Highlight

Your new buddy during isolation.

Stay at Home Stanley will listen to all your stories, even the ones you've told a million times. He'll play games with you, and might even let you win once in a while! He loves t.v. time and won't hog all the snacks, and is a quiet WFH coworker always down to "bounce some ideas around" or "circle back later". He's a reliable companion, and will even keep an eye on your kid when you're busy!

Our CEO Jesse is especially excited to have someone around to help schedule Zoom meetings and share his Granola breaks with.

"He even laughs at all my jokes!"

For more Jesse + Stanley action, check out our Instagram Story highlight.

Stay at Home Stanley

Stay-at-Home Stanley is never bored playing board games, t.v. time, or reading with your kid!

Other (actual) things to do while stuck at home:

🧘‍♂️ Athletes for Yoga's list of top yoga-at-home videos. They have a free 14-day trial, and 50% off your first month happening now!

💪 Littlewing has a collection of strength workouts you can do in your house with little or no equipment. Check their highlights on Instagram. @runlittlewing

👵 Let this granny tell you it's gonna be alright.

🎁 And if you're in the generous spirit, consider sending a Front Lines Support Bundle to someone you know fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

front lines support bundle 

Front Lines Support Bundle

Our way to support those fighting to keep us safe + healthy. Send one to a healthcare worker, grocery clerk, delivery driver, or law enforcement officer in your life.

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