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Jesse's Picky Club Update - April

April 05, 2016



In an effort to keep you all connected and updated of what’s going on at Picky HQ - and specifically, what we’re working on for the Picky Club - I’m writing my first quarterly Picky Club update!

As I’ve said many times before, I view the Picky Club as our “investors” because of your support, commitment and connection to our team here in Bend. Growing and enhancing the Picky Club is my top priority as our CEO. So any feedback you have on the topics below or in general is greatly appreciated!


1 - Picky Club Lifepoints Weekend is back! August 16-18th in Bend.

I love this weekend. We show off our HQ, trails, and home to Picky Club members exclusively. It’s super fun getting to know some of you all over the weekend. Put it on your calendar if you can this year - it’s cheap and lots of fun. Sign up soon as spots will be limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Full schedule coming soon.

Picky Club Lifepoints Weekend



2 - New Picky Club Shirt is coming soon!

Your votes are in, and while it was a close match, the blue gear collage shirt pulled ahead on the final stretch to win by crewneck. I really like this shirt because it’s a reflection of the many activities we dig at Picky and I also just like the color and awesome design that Kelli our graphic designer created! Those shirts will be available to you all at around cost for inclusion in your Picky Club within the next few weeks. Keep an eye out.

Picky Club New Shirt Design Gear Collage

3 - You love GRANOLA, and we’ve got a NEW FLAVOR for you!

Wow, so turns out you all love the PB&J All Day Granola. I had a suspicion that would be the case! It is our most added new product to the Club ever! We’re very happy with it, and still working on slight tweaks and improvements to the recipe and packaging, so any feedback you have to throw my way is greatly appreciated as well.

And on some more awesome granola news, you should all receive a sample in your April Club box of our newest Performance Granola flavor, a more “foody-friendly” ginger molasses and goji berry. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. Like the PB&J, it’s created by Elyse Kopecky, with the same combo of palate pleasing nutritional balance. Let us know what you think when you get it, and if you aren’t scheduled to get your club shipped in April, be sure to move it up as we’ll only have the free samples while supplies last! Full-size bags of the final product will be available (fingers crossed) by May club shipments, and will retail for the same price as PB&J - $8.99 for 10oz, before your club discounts.

4 - Club Survey Results - A Lot of Stuff We’ve Been Working On

Thank you to everyone who filled out the Picky Club Survey we sent out last October. Below is a summary of the “write in” question we posed at the beginning of the survey - “What can we do to make the Picky Club better?” While tabulating data on write in questions takes a ton of manual time and effort, it’s my favorite way to get non-influenced, raw data / responses from customers. I spent hours taking everyone's responses and putting them into the categories below. Take a look, and below I’ll talk about how we’re already addressing a lot of these suggestions:

Picky Club Survey Results

  • Nothing, I love it! - Well, thank you! While this was clearly the most tabulated response, we know there’s a lot of things we can do to make it better. But we appreciate the love!
  • More Freebies - People love freebies. We’re going to include more stickers, goodies, and of course product samples like the one you’re receiving this month!
  • More Bar Flavors - Honestly we aren’t working on a new bar flavor at this point, but we are considering a new bar type, more “snack” style than fuel/energy style. If you have ideas/suggestions let me know, but our time has been spent on creating other products for you first, like the new granola flavors.
  • Email Reminder of Upcoming Shipment - This now exists and has been super successful. You can easily click and change up your club five days prior to shipment!
  • More Swag - New club t-shirt coming!
  • More Discounts - Damn, y’all love discounts! We are going to have some partner products coming later this year that you’ll get discounts on.
  • Better Shipping Speed / Reliability / Accuracy - This has been a big one for me and internally to the team because it was the top ranked “negative” suggestion that reflected sub-standard service. Obviously a lot of this reaction was in response to our out of stock problems last summer, but we’ve made it a huge operational priority to get people’s club boxes out ASAP after charge. And I’m happy to report that in the first quarter 55% of clubs were shipped within 24 hours of credit card charge, and 94% within 48 hours! We also had less than 0.7% of orders reported as mis-packs! We’re tracking these stats weekly now and the goal is to continue to raise that 24 hour window to above 60% and 48 hour to over 95%. This requires not only our fulfillment team to be on it, but also the entirety of our supply chain to make sure we have everything in stock when we need to ship on the day those charges go through. Anyway, hopefully you’ve noticed a difference and if you have any feedback as always let me know!
  • Picky Club App - While this is on the long term plan, the cost is keeping it a more likely 2020 goal. You can access your account and and change up your flavors, products, and delivery dates from the mobile version of our site now, but it isn’t as user friendly as I’d like it to be. We’re in the process of making that page more mobile friendly, so you’ll easily be able to click on that email from your phone and change away. You should see that in the next 4-6 weeks.
  • Of course we’re working on all the other things listed as well! Just wanted to give you all an update on the most important ones so far!

5 - Cookie Doughpness becomes Cinnamon Roll’n!

While Cookie Doughpness is one of my favorite flavor names (I mean, I am the one who named it!), and I’m sure some of you will also be bummed to see it go, we’ve received a fair amount of feedback from retailers and people trying the product for the first time that they expect it to taste like chocolate chip cookie dough, instead of a cinnamon raisin cookie dough. While that’s not a HUGE deal because it still tastes good, I don’t want to sell people something different than what they’re expecting! So we’re switching it to Cinnamon Roll'n - which is another name I still love even though Lauren came up with it. (Ha.) Don’t fear you Cookie Douphness lovers, it’s literally the exact same bar, just a different name. Those of you who have it in your club will see it “rollin” into your box likely later this month or early May.

Cinnamon Roll'n Picky Bars

6 - Work, Play, Love Podcast is Cranking

Just a quick plug - if you haven’t checked out mine and Lauren's podcast yet, please do so. We answer people’s questions about sport, relationships, work, and the balance between. I know we have a bunch of Picky Club members listening to it already who have given us really positive feedback on it, so just wanted to get it in front of you in case you haven’t downloaded and tried it out yet. You can submit questions and find it available on all major podcast platforms and a full archive of episodes HERE.

Work, Play, Love Podcast

Work, Play, Love Podcast

That’s it for the major updates from Picky Club land. This email, as always, was way longer than I expected, but I wanted to get you all the info. Do with it what you want! We appreciate your support of our brand and company. As I said multiple times, please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!