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Campaign for Carbs

October 03, 2018

Campaign for Carbs



There, we said it.

We're over all the sugar-shaming, fat-fearing, protein-profering, and fad diet crazes. All of those things have a purpose and a place in *most* people's diets, and shouldn't be feared or chastised like the "hot-right-now" trends try to tell us. We believe in balance, real food, and fueling with what makes you feel good. And you know what? That includes carbs! Carbohydrates are the body's preferred source of energy, and as active people, we're totally on board with getting the most bang for our calorie buck. 

Simple carbs, complex carbs, sweet carbs, salty carbs, we love them all.

If you're with us, join the I ❤️ CARBS campaign train. We made t-shirts and everything.

t-shirt  $25 ||  button+sticker $3


p.s. Voting this year is more important than ever. Are you registered to vote?

Video produced, directed, edited, and all that jazz by the one and only Andrew Wheating.